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Understanding Documents for Genealogy and Local History
Understanding Documents for Genealogy and Local History

By Bruce Durie

A guide to deciphering old records, letters and family documents from the 1560s to the 1860s. This book will help you cut through the complexities of challenging handwriting, legal-speak, Latin and antiquated English.

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors

by John Grenham

"The internet is at the heart of any Irish family history research project". This book will help you navigate the complex maze of online records across the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.



Scottish Family History
Collins Tracing Your Scottish Family History

by Anthony Adolph

From organising your family tree, to identifying clans and tartans, this is the complete guide to help you uncover your past and bring your Scottish family history to life.




Who Do You Think You Are?

Alex Graham

A British 3 part documentary series chronicling the social, ethnic and cultural evolution of national identities through the personal family histories of prominent celebrities.


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