Rainbow Reads

All colours of the rainbow are celebrated here!  Find books about transgender teens, young queer protagonists finding out who they are, what consent means and much more.

 every heart 
Every Heart a Doorway

by Seanan McGuire


At the heart of this novel is the idea that our true selves cannot always be fully experienced in the 'real' world. The teens who seek refuge at Eleanor West's Home for Wayward Children have earlier slipped through portals to other worlds, ones where they feel complete.  The story follows them as they attempt to adapt back to 'normalcy'.

  being jazz
Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen

by Jazz Jennings


At the age of five, Jazz Jennings transitioned to life as a girl. This memoir shares her experiences along the way, both good and bad. Although still only a teenager, Jazz is a prominent campaigner for trans awareness.

What Does Consent Really Mean?

by Pete Wallis


After the sexual assault of a classmate, a group of teens talk about what consent really means. Told in graphic novel format, this book is a good starting point for discussions about sexual harassment, consent and healthy relationships. 

 my lovely
My Lovely Frankie

by Judith Clarke 


For teenaged Tom, joining the seminary to become a priest feels like a calling. When he meets Frankie, he realises that love for another person is the greatest calling of all. 





Leah on the Offbeat

by Becky Albertelli


Body image, confidence, bisexuality and relationships - sarcastic drummer Leah is grappling with it all.

 not otherwise 
Not Otherwise Specified

by Hannah Moskowitz


"Etta Sinclair is a girl with problems, but knowing who she is isn’t one of them."


Getting out of her privileged but complex life in Nebraska means dealing with nasty ex-friends, a discarded dance dream, a barely-controlled eating disorder, and complications that arise for others about her proud bisexuality. 

 my bros name
My Brother's Name is Jessica

by John Boyne


For introverted Sam Waver, older brother Jason has always been something of a hero. Kind, smart, athletic and popular with girls, Jason has always appeared to have it all. One night he tells his family that he has been struggling with a secret for some time.     


"What do you do when your brother says he's not your brother at all? That he thinks he's actually ... your sister?"





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