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magic of



Magic of blood and sea

by Cassandra Rose Clarke


A pirate princess and a cursed assassin find their fates intertwined. Escaping an unwanted marriage, Anana of the Tanarau inadvertantly triggers a curse. Only by working alongside her would-be killer can the curse be broken.

 last desc
Last descendants

by Matthew J. Kirby


Nothing in Owen's life has been right since his father died in prison, accused of a crime Owen is certain he didn't commit. Could exploring genetic memories buried deep in his own DNA give him the proof he needs to clear his father's name?


Poison's Kiss

by Breanna Shields


Marinda is a visha kanya - a poison maid - who serves the Raja by dispatching men with a single kiss. Until now her victims have always been enemies of the kingdom. Then she receives orders to kiss Deven, a boy she knows well. Will she obey? 


Agent 21

by Chris Ryan

After Zak Darke's parents die mysteriously he's recruited by a government agency and becomes Agent 21. His first mission is gathering intelligence on dangerous drug cartels in Mexico. 

 dark assassin
Dark Assassin

by Joseph Delaney


In the third chilling installment in the new Spook's legend an assassin lurks in the darkness between earth and oblivion - but who are they, and what is their mission?