Turn Your House into a Laboratory

Experiment at home and discover science.

Fun for sure, mess quite probably and scientific learning guaranteed.

Books to Bring Science Alive                

STEM Solves Fairytales Series

by Jasmine Brooks


This quirky series is full of fun. It takes stories readers already know and love, but with the added twist of key characters using STEM principles to solve their problems along the way. Fix fairytale problems with science and technology!


Science You Can Eat

by Stefan Gates


Discover the incredible, edible science that happens every time you cook, bake, or eat. 

Transform your kitchen into a lab through 20 fun food experiments.


Smithsonian 10-Minute Science Experiments

by Steve Spangler


Exciting projects designed to teach the basics of science, physics, chemistry and engineering. Each experiment uses easy-to-find materials, most of which readers probably already have in their home.

Set up and clean up is easy, and most experiments can be done in ten minutes or less.

Science is Magic

by Steve Mould


Learn how to perform magic tricks and illusions using simple science experiments. Find out the secrets behind amazing magic tricks. Learn how to bend water with a balloon, make a glass beaker disappear in oil, and wow your friends with levitating tinsel!


STEM lab: 25 Super-Cool Projects: Build, Invent, Create, Discover

by Jack Challoner


From racing wind-up cars and building a sturdy sandcastle to creating a wave machine and making music with a homemade guitar, STEM Lab is packed with 25 exciting activities.


Mr Shaha's Recipes For Wonder: Adventures in Science Around the Kitchen Table

by Alom Shaha


All you need are a few simple items from your kitchen cupboards - and the power of curiosity! Every child can be a scientist with the help of Mr Shaha and his recipes for wonder.

Recommended Websites for Home Scientists              

Warning! Experiments in these websites may cause a mess. Parental assistance is recommended.                



Science Kids

A New Zealand science and technology website full of fun facts, activities and experiments.

Science Bob Website 

Easy to follow experiments you can do at home. Make a balloon rocket and lava in a cup. Or just look at some wacky visual illusions.

 Bill Nye Science Guy Home Demos
Bill Nye - The Science Guy Home Demos

Life Science, Physical Science and Planetary Science with renowned science educator Bill Nye - The Science Guy.

Bend light with physics, make a weightless clothes peg with planetary science or make a Twistin' Tornado with earth science.

Try Science website
Try Science Experiments

Science is everywhere! Sharpen your science knowledge and make sense of the world around you with these fun science activities.

sci show kids
SciShow Kids - Youtube Channel

SciShow Kids explores all those curious topics that make us ask "why?"

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Jessi and her robot rat Squeaks answer your questions and explain fun, complex science concepts for young, curious minds.

Whether conducting experiments, researching new questions, or talking with experts, there's always something new to discover with SciShow Kids, no matter what your age.



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