Dyslexia friendly reads

Some great books designed to help readers who may find regular books a bit tricky...



Little Gems Series

Multiple Authors

Well known children’s authors reach out to struggling readers in these comical short novels. The focus is on simple chapter books which fire imaginations but don’t tax reading skills too far.




4u2read Series

Multiple Authors

Brilliant, big-name short fiction titles to help less confident readers towards real reading success. The books cover a range of genres and each story is packed with black and white illustrations to help comprehension.



The Knights and the Best Quest

by Kate Umansky

The Knights of the Drop-Leaf Table are on a quest. Will they return with magic amulets, dragon’s heads and damsels in distress, or will the temptations from Mrs Spunge’s kitchen prove too tasty to resist?




The White Fox

by Jackie Morris

The day the fox came things began to change for Sol.

A timeless story of belonging, family and the value of the wild animals with whom we share the planet.



Diary of a Trainee Rock God

by Jonathan Meres

Join Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third as he tries to pass the important initiation test of his Viking clan, the Tribe of the Hairy Hooligans, by catching and training a dragon.



Candy Girl

by Karen MCombie

Dixie’s got a work experience placement at Candy magazine. She thought she’d be interviewing celebs and hanging out with models, but instead she’s making tea. 



Read Hear Series

Multiple Authors

Innovative and exciting. First-class fiction by famous authors, presented in an easily accessible format.

The book, specifically designed to help children who need extra encouragement, alongside CDs that bring characters to life and provide an additional level of support.


A Magpie Collection: Neighbours With Feathers

by Liliane Parkinson

An interactive bird book for children aged 8-12 with beautiful photos, quirky art and QR-codes which link to the bird's song.


Colour My Days

by Ross Collins

Join Emmy and Jeff on a colourful and magical journey!

Part of Barrington Stoke's picture book range for all the family, with easy-read font.


Dog Diaries

by Steven Butler

Being Rafe’s dog isn’t always easy, but it is always EXCITING!


The Valentine's Day Kitten

by Cathy Hopkins

When Marcie's little silver kitten Misty goes missing, her best friend Ellie leaps into action and Operation Find Misty is born. But Ellie's detective skills are put to the test when it seems like Marcie's dreams of a mysterious boy might lead the pair to the missing kitten.



mission alert

Mission Alert Series

by Benjamin Hulme-Cross

Tom and Zilla are normally at boarding school, but MI5 bring them in to help with an operation, and the brother and sister spy duo must dig deep to survive!




Super Sandwich Series

by John Bonallack

In these adventures, Mata, with the help - or more often than not -  hindrance of his cousin Shayla, gets into and out of trouble, becomes the hero, and generally saves the day.





Igor's Lab of Fear Series

by Michael Dahl

Welcome to the Laboratory of Fear! Each weird and unsettling specimen in my lab holds a story of science gone terribly, terribly wrong. Luckily, they are locked up safe and sound, away from prying eyes but...

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