Action & Adventure

Spies, gadgets, dangerous animals and far-off lands - if you're up for an exciting adventure, read these.


The Amazing Adventures of Charlie Small series

by Charlie Small

All we know of Charlie Small is contained in a battered journal found washed up on a remote beach. Inside are stories of extraordinary adventures.

The Mission Survival series

by Bear Grylls

Beck Granger has wild adventures in some very wild places. His adventures are packed with survival tips, danger and action.


The Jimmy Coates series

by Joe Craig

Jimmy Coates seems like an ordinary boy, but he's not. He's genetically engineered to grow into the perfect government assassin.

Send Simon Savage

by Stephen Measday

After his father mysteriously disappears, Simon is hand-chosen to train as an agent at one of the world's most secret organisations - The Time Bureau.

The 39 Clues series

by various authors

When Amy and Dan discover that the source of their family's power is hidden around the world in the form of 39 clues, they set off on a dangerous race to find the first clue.

The Agent Alfie series

by Justin Richards

Alfie attends an extraordinary school for young spies where he has classes in Camouflage and Assasination and some strange new friends. Follow all of his hilarious adventures.





The Battle Boy series  

by Charlie Carter

11-year-old Napoleon Augustus Smythe, Battle Boy 005, travels around the world and through time. His mission is to collect the DNA of famous commanders and solve the mysteries of history.



The Mission Fox series

by Justin D’Ath

Nine-year-olds Harry and Jordan are more than just identical twins. They’re the secret agents of Mission Fox: Animal Rescue.



Secret Agent, Jack Stalwart

by Elizabeth Singer Hunt

Nine-year-old Jack Stalwart works for the Global Protection Force (GPF) battling villains and protecting the world's most precious treasures. He's also trying to find his missing brother, Max.


The Zac Power series

by H. I. Larry

Zac Power, a 12-year-old boy, is a secret agent for the Government Investigation Bureau (GIB) and his job is to save the world.

The Conspiracy 365 series

by Gabrielle Lord

15-year-old Cal Ormond is on the run from those who want him dead. He has 365 days to stay alive, discover why his father was killed and uncover a history-changing secret.

The Axel Storm series

by Shoo Rayner

Axel's parents are famous rock stars. When they're busy working, Axel goes to stay with his crazy uncles and that's where adventure begins.