Make It!

Don't be bored, get busy with these fun craft projects.

These books and websites have lots of amazingly cool ideas to help you create your own masterpieces.

Crafty Books            


Easy Wood Carving for Children: Fun Whittling Projects for Adventurous Kids

By Frank Egholm


Wood carving is not only easy to learn and fun to do, but almost everything you need to get started can be found for free - right outside your door.

 i made that
I Made That

By Susannah Blake


Whether you are a seasoned crafter or an absolute beginner, you will find all kinds of fun, beautiful and eco-friendly projects to make with your friends or on your own.

Make Your Own Squishies: 15 Slow-Rise and Smooshy Projects for You To Create

By Ann Stacia


Following the ideas in this book, you can create amazingly fantastic squishies shaped like pandas, cookies, ice cream and more!


Make With Maisy

By Lucy Cousins 


Maisy's very first make-and-do book will keep little hands busy creating all kinds of wonderful things. Brimming over with simple, exciting and fun craft ideas, it's time to get making! 



out of the box

Out of the Box

By Jemma Westing


Bring old cardboard to life and build recycled creations you can play with, sit in, and wear.  Try these interactive cardboard model projects that engage creativity and “out of the box” thinking skills. 


The Space Craft Book

By Laura Minter & Tia Williams


As well as space outfits to wear and essential astronaut accessories, there are space-themed cakes and nibbles to make too.

Recommended Websites            

Try these websites for more crafts and boredom busting activities.   

Squigly's Arts and Crafts

Fun and easy crafts for kids made from items in your craft cupboard or purchased inexpensively. Great ideas for birthday presents.

Craftbits Kids crafts

Crafts for all ages and skill levels. Painting projects, sewing patterns and recycled kids' crafts. Hours of fun.

Making a Putiputi

By Christchurch City Libraries

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to make your own putiputi (flower) using one flax blade. A great group activity.


Cereal Box Monsters

A fun and easy way to use your cereal boxes. Turn a simple box into something colourful and entertaining.