Design, make, construct

From awesome LEGO designs to building your own robot there is no limit to the things you can build and construct.

For new ideas and how-to instructions, check out these fantastic library books and inspirational websites.

Books to Help You Get Started        

Make Your Own Traps and Triggers

by Rob Ives


Learn how to make an elastic powered helicopter; and several booby trap devices that can be hidden in a fruit bowl to produce all kinds of explosive effects.

Build It!

by Caroline Alliston


This collection of 25 fun, achievable STEM projects is the perfect way to encourage budding engineers and scientists and to show them how science applies in the real world.

Brick Building 101

by Courtney Sanchez


Combine a love for LEGO with learning STEAM topics (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) in this amazingly fun activity book!
Build Your Own Robots

by Rob Ives


Learn how to create robots like the Intrepid Eggsplorer, the Tightrope Trickster, and Perfect Penbot with materials like paper clips, rubber bands, cork, and other everyday objects.

Earth-Friendly Engineering Crafts

by Veronica Thompson


What can you engineer from recycled materials? This books has loads of ideas! Construct an airplane from cardboard and a plastic bottle, transform an old t-shirt into a working wind sock, and build a small city from plastic containers.  

Explore Makerspace

by Alicia Klepeis


Discover how inventors use science, art, and math to create new and exciting structures and games. Learn how to set up your makerspaces at home, using inexpensive and easy-to-find supplies for your projects.

Recommended Websites        

5 Free Tree House Plans

by Stacy Fisher at

Realise your backyard real estate dreams with one of these free sets of tree house plans.
Nelson Trolley Club

by the Nelson Trolley Club

Find out what it takes to be king of the hill on the Nelson Trolley Club’s website. Photos of the derby, trolley design tips, trolley club history and much more.

by Nathan Thom

Built all your models and can’t think of a new design of your own?  This site allows you to enter the sets you currently own to see which other sets you can build with the bricks you already have. Includes great user-created models.