RDS Business Suite

RDS Business Suite

A collection of three complementary international business information databases - Business & Industry, Business & Management Practices and TableBase.

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TableBase covers the tabular data that is available in the world's most authoritative business publications, including premier trade and business journals and leading industry newsletters plus a broad collection of regional, national and international newspapers.

TableBase also contains historical tabular information from statistical annuals, brokerage reports, trade association reports and governmental reports.

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Business & Management Practices

Practical how-to information to help manage businesses. Includes case studies and guidelines from magazines, journals and newspapers.

Coverage includes:

  • business planning;
  • decision making;
  • adopting new technologies and techniques;
  • plan for change or expansion.
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Business & Industry

Market research and business and industry profiling tools. Find facts, figures, events and market information for businesses around the world.

Focuses on:

  • facts;
  • figures;
  • events
  • market information.

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