Info Technology

Does the increasingly high-tech, digital world sometimes leave you baffled?

Do you feel overwhelmed by e-readers, apps and tablets? Or are you computer savvy and want to lay your hands on the latest books and articles?

From the very basic to advanced in-depth technical manuals, your library has a wide range of resources to guide you on your technology journey. Here's a sampler of what's on offer.

 Info Tech Books                                        

Android Phones tablets for dummies Dan Gookin COVER SMALL
Android Phones & Tablets for Dummies

by Dan Gookin


Getting a smartphone or tablet is more enjoyable when you have an informative and entertaining guide to assist you! Whether you're upgrading from an older model or totally new to the complex world of Android devices, this book makes it easier than ever to get up and running with the latest and greatest technology.
Build your own personal computer Hugh Pittman COVER SMALL
Build Your Own Computer

by Hugh Pittman


Learn how to choose and purchase parts for a personal computer (PC), plan, build and test a PC and troubleshoot typical issues. A practical step-by-step guide to putting your own computer together by yourself!

iPad made easy Roger Laing COVER SMALL
iPad Made Easy 

by Roger Liang


An essential guide to getting the most out of your iPad. Covers set up and sync, how to use apps and games; read newspapers, magazines and books; watch movies; catch up on work; multi-task while watching the TV and more, including information on accessories to increase your iPad's potential.

Mac OS Sierra for dummies Bob LeVitus COVER SMALL
MacOS Sierra for Dummies

by Bob LeVitus


This book teaches you how to quickly design and code apps using App Inventor's unique visual interface. Ideal for beginning and intermediate Android developers, hobbyists and makers, and students of any age.

Windows 10 for dummies Andy Rathbone COVER SMALL
Windows 10 for Dummies

by Andy Rathbone


Starting with stuff everybody thinks you already know about Windows 10 and covering the Start Menu; the desktop; storage: internal, external and in the Cloud; Working with programs, apps and files; Printing and scanning; Surfing the internet and social networking; managing mail, people and calendars; managing photos, music and movies. Also includes tips on moving from an old PC to a new Windows 10 PC and using the Windows help system.



Recommended Websites                                        

A selection of websites to help you find answers to your info tech questions.


PCWorld New Zealand

For reviews of the latest mobile and computing devices.

Digital Unite : Unleash your Digital talents

Just starting out on your technology journey? Here are some basics to help you on your way.

Apple : Find out how - Mac basics

If iMacs are your thing check out these how-to tutorials (Note: most require Quicktime to view)


Not feeling safe on the internet?  Netsafe will help you gain confidence and become a responsible user of online technologies.