Life in a Bubble Logo We all have a story to tell. Tasman District Libraries, Nelson Public Libraries and Nelson Provincial Museum want to hear about your Covid-19 experiences  between 2020 and 2022!

How did Covid-19 and the shutdown impact you, your whānau, family, workplace or community?  What did you do during the lockdown? Tell us your story. You can submit your story in whatever creative format suits you best: physical or digital; ranging from poetry, artwork, journals, oral histories, video, photographs, objects, crafts and beyond. 

You can do this by yourself or with your bubble. Children are very welcome to share their stories, photos and artworks too. 

Digital material can be submitted via the form below. Please contact us if you have any problems submitting your story or if you have any questions. If you would like to find out more about this project or discuss the submission of physical Covid-19-related material please contact Nelson Provincial Museum on

Any submitted works may be publicly viewed under a CC-BY license. Submitted works may be selected for permanent retention by Nelson Provincial Museum under an open access license held by the Museum and under the terms of their collection policy for future preservation, research or display purposes.


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